Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 1 of the remodel...and my clever son.*

Most of the tear down for our little remodel was done today, it is amazing how different a space can look in just 3 or 4 hours. It's going to be a semi long road to completion but it'll be worth it, I can't wait! It will be really nice to get the trio out of their small room and into our current, and much bigger, room. Xander wanted so much to be in their with his Daddy and our friend Larry doing man was funny to see him all interested in something while the girls couldn't care less about all the hammer and crowbar work going on in the other room.

Xander surprised me today, he likes to get a hand and a leg in behind their play kitchen and push it away from the wall, then he gets back behind there and plays. We have to put the kitchen back against the wall at least 5 times a day, so today he was trying to get back there yet again and by this time I had already replaced the kitchen 5 times. So when I saw him move into pushing position I held my hand on the counter of their kitchen and used my weight to keep him from moving it. He looked at my hand, grunted and then tried to pry my hand away. When that didn't work, I am not at all kidding....he looked at me, almost smiled, and started clapping. Jason and I always clap when they do so though I wondered if he was trying to trick me I played along and started clapping with him. Sure enough as soon as my two hands were busy clapping and not holding the kitchen against the wall he made his move. He was about to push it away so I quickly replaced my hand on the counter and thwarted his attack. He looked at me, smiled, and started clapping again. I played along and began clapping with him, that little sucker tried as fast as he could to push the kitchen away while I clapped. I have a feeling he would have tried it a few more times but I let him win...he was so clever how could I not!

The EI people called today and will be out to the house on Thursday to evaluate the trio and see if there is any need for speech therapy. Jason and I sat down and tried to think of all the words they say and this is what we came up with.
Xan only says momma, dadda, and something like hi. Though he rarely says even these few words.
Hayden says momma, dadda, dog, kitty kitty, book, juice, up, tickle tickle, baby and is trying to say banana, chicken and grapes.
Lily says momma, dadda, tickle, up, down, all done, baby, no and bam. How bam came about is a funny story. Since putting up their little basketball hoop Jason has been shooting more baskets than anyone and every time he makes one he says BAM, so Lily has started throwing things and saying BAM hahaha. They all know a lot more words than they say, like they know body parts, and they know what sippy cups are but they don't use words for those things yet. Lily picked up a new sign, sleep.

I got the book I made today, the first 6 months of this blog are now a hard back book...and it looks really nice. Still working on the next 6's bigger and giving me some trouble.

Before pics of the remodel.

After day 1

What we will be seeing for the next 3 weeks.

Xander's black eye continues to get more color :(

I caught the girls actually sharing nice and playing together today, it only lasted a min or two then stingy Miss Hayden pulled the toy from it's spot and took it when she turned her back to Lily LOL

A quick thumb through of the blog book.


Susi said...

Can I ask how/where you put together that blog book? How long did it take you? I think it's a fantastic idea and I'd like to do one for my own blog. Thanks in advance!

TripMomma said...

I did it at once I figured out the software they have you download to use it was really user friendly. It took a while for me to get it together but if I could have had uninterrupted time to work on it it probably would have only taken a couple days. Good luck making yours :)