Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas decorating with the trio's help

Lasted about 10 min, then Jason and I quit until we put the babies to bed. I had no idea it would start such a pissing and moaning fest. They for sure do not understand that the ornaments are to look at and not to play with. They wanted to hold and run off with everything, when we took it from them to hang on the tree it was a full out melt down. So they helped for a little while then Jason and I finished the rest after baby bed time.

Some pics...
The trio "helping"

Their 1st Christmas ornaments from last year :)

The tree all done
Our giant family stocking :) Jason had the idea to write all of our names on it, good thing I still had glue and glitter left over from doing their Bday party decorations LOL
I hope the tree lasts until Christmas, Xander already will not leave it alone. He tries to scale the gate and grab anything his little paws can reach and drag the tree closer to him.
Hopefully he will get bored with it and leave it be.

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