Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is it evil of me to find this so funny?

The trio got their 2nd H1N1 shots today. Xander and Hayden took it hard, especially Hayden, she cried and cried. This is the same girl that is a bear to change because she doesn't want to unclench to be wiped, if she could I know she would rather change herself in private....she seems to be a very proper girl when it comes to her bathing suit area hehehe I can only imagine how put out she felt to have her pants pulled down and a stranger with a needle stab her. Poor Hayden looked at us like how dare we allow this sort of treatment. Lily went last, she got to see her brother and sister flip out before her, we were expecting the worst. Our strong little Bug likes to keep us guessing, she whimpered a tiny bit and that was it. Thankfully they seem to be fine, I hate giving them shots, I am always scared they will have some sort of reaction. When we got home they did not want to take their big kids. HA here is a look at my big no nap taking kids at 5:30 while I was trying to get them to eat their dinner. They usually go to bed at 8pm, tonight they hit the hay at 6:30! I wonder if they have learned their lesson and will happily take their naps for a long time to come :)
Ever see anyone sleep's pretty funny LOL
Xan was so tired I had to keep waking him up to take another bite.
Here he is with eyes closed selecting a piece of food...

In it goes...eyes still shut.

Some eyes closed but mouth open chewing
Mom please don't make me eat anymore...

He did finish his milk so hopefully he will sleep through the night without getting hungry.

Hayden's turn. Peanut butter and jelly not so good with tired babies, they get even more messy than usual.

A tired, but oh so cute, Bug
Just done....cooked...put us in bed LOL

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