Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ramblings over a baby monitor.

I was awakened about 1am this morning by Hayden chattering as happy as can be over her monitor. At first I was like WTF is someone in there, then I started freaking that we had ghosts or something and my sweet girl was conversating with one. I was ready to run in there and grab the trio if something or someone talked back to was really a bit creepy. Then I started really freaking wondering if she is crazy and hearing not quite a year and a half old that would not bode well for our future LOL I didn't go in there because she was totally happy sounding and Xan and Lily were not waking up to it so I just laid in bed listening and hoping a poltergeist wouldn't pull my baby into the TV. At 3am she quieted and my eyes couldn't stay open any longer. I woke up tired and the bags under my eyes had luggage. Hayden, she was happy as a clam and not tired one bit. I was still wondering what the heck happened when a friend told me that "talking" in the night is pretty normal around this age, that they are sort of processing things they had learned during the day. That made me feel a lot better, whew. Hayden please no middle of the night processing tonight, Momma needs some sleep :)

The trio enjoyed watching "Olive, the other reindeer" today...I love Christmas movies!

I don't think we will be leaving the tree up until after New Year's this year. Xander, and now his little follower Lily, will not leave it alone. Even with the baby gate around it they are all over it like Spider Monkeys hehehe

Hayden must have not talked enough last night, she was on my phone all day :)

Then she played with her lamb baby, she loves to hug and kiss cute.

Giving me the semi sad, I would like the phone back face.

Lily Bug and Xan...Lily has added another word, she has been saying 'baby' all day today!

Lily doing a little dance

Shortly after this fun...
Poor Lily fell flat on her face and got a nice fat lip for her efforts :(
Floor 1, Lily 0.

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Jill said...

One of my babies do this a few times a week. It is even funnier when they start to giggle to themselves. I've turned off our monitor otherwise I'd never get a good sleep.