Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We sorta sucked as parents today.

It snowed today, for the first time since the trio were 5 months old, and we didn't take them out to play in it...we are so lame :( Maybe if it's still here tomorrow we will go out and play a little.
Lily and Hayden are picking up some more words and have learned a couple more items. They now know what a banana is and even try to say it. They have all learned to knock with their knuckles and say something like 'knock knock'. Lily busted out today with 'down'!

We did have some fun with our shopping baskets today though LOL

We all liked wearing the baskets on our heads hahaha

Hayden saw Slim getting cozy with her baby....Miss Stingy promptly went over and snatched her baby.

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