Monday, December 28, 2009

So many new toys, so much more mess!

The kids have so much stuff now their house trashing time has gone from about an hour to 10 min flat LOL We clean up all the toys twice a day and man there are so many little pieces that hide everywhere and get stuffed into every small space. We gave a new schedule a try today. Since, uh forever, the trio have been having breakfast then a sippy before nap and then lunch after nap. If they take a little longer nap lunch and dinner run too close together, so today was the first day of lunch before nap. It went well and I think it is going to stick! Bad news of the day I lost my FF league "Superbowl" today, thanks mostly to Manning, Wayne, Clark and Addai sitting most of yesterdays game....they are so lucky it is just a freebie league! So my first 2 years playing fantasy football end in 2nd place, hopefully I get a win next year :(

Some pics I took today...
The trio wore the outfits Auntie Allie got them for Christmas. These are size 24 not quite 18 month olds fit them pretty darn well....they are growing so fast!

Out doing a little shopping at Costco

Some play time when we got home.

The kitchen is the fav in our house right now :)

Lily had a phone's really cute they try to hold this kitchen phone and the little cell phones that they got to their ears and then something like "Hello" is said hehehe

A couple rare pics of Hayden without all her hair in her face :)

Happy Bug

Lily playing with the dump truck. Hayden was "driving" it all over this morning then she would pretend like she was going to run Lily over and Lily would burst out laughing every time Hayden came near her.


Emma and Company said...

Trust me, you aren't the only one upset that those Colts players sat out on Sunday...I think all of Indiana is in an uproar!! I sure am upset about it, all well....
Really digging the dump truck story :)

TripMomma said...

Man I just can't believe they let the perfect season go...I was surprised.