Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Big book of booboo's.

Doctor Lily was in fine form today. She made a big book of booboos and went to work curing everyone's ailments.

Nurse Hayden assisted in Jericho's case of scratchitis.

Feeling much better already.

Next patient...roofing can be dangerous. My nasty bruise from getting hurt a week ago.

She has a wonderful bedside manner.

Our entries into the book of booboos.

Poor Lambie also needed assistance.

Trying to teach Hayden how to jump into a turning jump rope. Thankfully no one took pictures of me doing it...it's been a long time, but I still got it :)

My girls finally graduated from "chick starter" food and on to "grower" food...they are teenagers :)

Lily funny... Xander was playing in the backyard. Jason and I heard him turn on the water, I didn't feel like cleaning up muddy wet kids today so I told Jason to yell at him to stop. Jason bangs on the window and told him to turn off the water. Lily pipes up with "Uh Boss, I don't think he can hear you". She cracks me up.

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