Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Here tadpole, tadpole, tadpole.

The kids have all been doing tadpole stuff in school...which means we must attempt to catch some. I love tadpole, and frogs, and catching them is 75% of the fun of course. Today the tadpoles won LOL.

So excited to explore and look for baby frogs.

We saw a momma and her 2 ducklings.

Beautiful day, loving this weather again!

Getting right down to it.

Hmmm that doesn't look like a tadpole guys. We saw a hundred baby fish all over the place.

The banks are super muddy and slick, I fell in first...Jason was nice enough not to laugh too hard, or take any pictures. I did not repay the favor however HAHAHA. We each fell in twice, Hayden fell in once too.

Baby fish was all we managed to capture, and release, today.

Special seat for my little monkey.

Kitsune got run ragged today, good thing she figured out how to drink from a fountain.

She had to wait her turn for another ball toss.

Jason started throwing the ball in the water.

She went in right after it.

Of course the kids wanted to make her keep going in, good thing this dogs gas tank never runs out.

Then she was put through a few obstacles.

She is so fun, she will do anything for a toy.

Well the tadpoles were elusive today, but we all had a great time anyway.


Wendy said...

I can't believe how big K got! She's gorgeous!

TripMomma said...

Right?! She doesn't even look like a 6 month old pup.