Friday, May 1, 2015

Picnic weather!

Last night Lily was begging to go on a picnic today. She planned the entire thing, and even helped make the sandwiches and pack the basket. It was a beautiful day and we picked a near by park that we love...and thought just may have some tadpoles too.

What a difference since the very first time we came to this park with the kiddos...I was pregnant with Jericho and the trio were just babies. Time flies.
There MUST be tadpoles here LOL.

Hayden spotted this little guy.

Everyone wanted to hold him of course.

He was a good sport, we released him back where we found him...with tales of his close encounter to share with his froggy buddies LOL.

Lunch. Lily Bug set it all up and passed out all the food. She is quite the little hostess Hehehe.

Rolling down the hill never gets old.

Back to hunting. We saw some geese, this heron and lots of huge bull frogs...but none let us get close enough to catch them.

Lots of fish and dragon flies too. This red one was really pretty.
A momma duck and her babies...they were still itty bitty.

We tried our best but came away empty handed yet again...that's OK, hunting and trying to catch them is the best part anyway. Now we just have to try again another day.

Lots of baby fish again, Hayden was so funny, she said "look mom they are swimming in a school...they are schooling". Then another group started to swim by us and she said "Oh look another class" LOL.

We ended up spending all afternoon at the park, it was a fabulous day!
Lily asked to take a picture of me and was a no make up hunting tadpoles kind of day, so NOT ready for my close-up LOL.

Great idea Bug...can't wait for our next picnic, she is already asking to do it again LOL.

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