Friday, May 22, 2015

Show ready and kids do not mix.

A full day of showings booked for today. The house has to be spotless pretty much 24/7, y'all know 4 kids live here right?! We usually do a decent job of keeping things picked up, but these last couple of days I feel like a drill sergeant for sure. I picked the kids up from the bus stop and pretty much got lost for the day. The showings are going well, we got our first offer today...not even 24 hours on the market!

My nature loving kids and I had lots of outdoorsy fun today.

Checking out a massive amount of ants, thank goodness they were nowhere near my house.

Little chicken girls are getting redder in the face, I guess they get more and more red as they near laying age. They are 16 and 17 weeks now, could be a month or less now.

It is still looking like I went 7 for 7 for girls, still no crowing! Of course once we move to my mini farm one of the first things I am doing is buying a few more chicks...including a roo!

Looking so grown up ladies!

Speaking of looking grown up...almost 7 months old, where did my itty puppy go?

Since we had to be out of the house we decided to go find a new park. The kiddos made a B line for this teeter totter made for 4.

Note to self... Next time don't go to a park with a tennis court. Your ball CRAZY Dutchie will not give anyone a moments peace, even after you have worn her out with her own ball....twice.

Sure we can do a noon showing...a fun filled lunch in the park. Wonder how many days of this until I am not having fun anymore? LOL

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