Saturday, May 23, 2015

Getting tired of this already.

My day started out great...early, but great.

Good morning sunshine. My middle of the night bed hopper strikes again. I don't mind, who would waking up to someone this cute. So unfair, I look like the crypt keeper when I sleep, but this kid looks like a mini Brad Pitt.

Kitsune has graduated to sleeping outside of her crate, I think she likes it.

We had showings almost all day. Stuck in a car for hours I got to hear lots of funny conversations today. One of many...Hayden and Lily were arguing over who is the big sister. Hayden said that she's not a big sister because they are both six, Lily replied but you're taller than me and Hayden told her that's because you were born last. LOL.

We have had some decent offers on the house, but none that have really grabbed us yet. I hope we get it soon, this is getting old.

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