Sunday, May 3, 2015

Long lost BFF.

Today was a very exciting day for Lily Bug. It has been about 4 months since she got to see her BFF Kalaya, you can imagine how happy Bug was to go to Kalaya's birthday party. Kalaya's family moved just over an hour away, we waited until the day before to tell Lily that we were taking a drive to go see her bestie....just so we wouldn't hear about it a hundred times a day leading up to it LOL.

The girls took up right where they left off, they were each others shadows and running around holding hands right off the bat.
I got this picture and it totally melts my heart. Lily hasn't made a new BFF in school since Kalaya left, her wonderful teacher keeps cycling the different girls in the class through Lily's table to see if anyone sticks, but so far my sweet Bug has yet to make a connection like she did with Kalaya. I almost cried when I saw these two girls getting to enjoy the afternoon with each other.

I printed up two copies of this and will be framing them, we will send one to Kalaya in a care package that Lily has been busy stuffing with pictures, toys, treats etc for her friend.
Xander and Jericho had a great time playing at the park today too.
Little cutie, it was a beautiful day to be at the park.
All the party goers brought their scooters or bikes.

Yummy lunch.

Cake time!! Happy 6th birthday Miss Kalaya!

Gift time.

Give it a whack!
Kalaya's mom and I were talking about maybe making Xan go last, just as She-Ra, AKA Hayden, broke the thing to bits LOL.

There were a few tears when it was time to go, and even more when I broke the news that Kalaya was going to be out of state and not able to attend the trio's Bday. We have made some other fun plans for the girls for this summer, so they will still get to see each other at least a couple more times in the next few months.

They have such a special friendship, I am so glad Kalaya's family thinks it is an important as we do to try and foster their friendship even though they don't live super close anymore.


Wendy said...

That shot of Xan is on point. Great grab!

TripMomma said...

Thanks, means a lot coming from my fave pro yo photog :)