Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Graduation party!

Our house is pending, the Bend house is pending...time to start looking for our next, and hopefully forever, home. Jason and I have decided we want to move out to the country. We want property, we want to homestead and raise our kids on our own mini farm. Oh boy...chickens are a gateway drug to farming, for real. We want to add to our flock, we also want to get a couple goats and some rabbits too. Today while I was on the phone with my sister this cloud went floating by. The signs are pointing me to rabbits!

Speaking of my girls, they are getting closer and closer to egg time. We opened up the nest boxes and Hayden helped me put a golf ball in each one. It is supposed to help clue in young hens about where to lay. I am so excited!!
This Friday is Jericho's last day of preschool, tonight was their graduation bash. I think the only real downer to moving is that Jericho will not get one last year at this amazing preschool. I am really bummed about that. They made us this great photo poster...I think it will look awesome in his new room.

They had a great turn out.

Haddie made this, she told me she was going to hold it up and cheer for Jericho when they called his name.
Jericho got a lot of fun parting gifts.

Way to go Jericho! You have grown so much this year, you have learned so much...and you have been such a joy. We are so proud of you little buddy, you rocked preschool!

Grandma, Uncle Scott, Auntie Amber, Cousin Hailee, Auntie Tia and Cousin Tyler all joined us to hoot and holler for Jericho! And Haddie proudly held up her sign!

Yummy cake!

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