Monday, May 25, 2015

Park hoppers.

Another full day spent park hopping while people visit our home. Kitsune looks like she needs coffee as much as I do LOL.

The kiddos have not complained once about all this time at the parks...hmm, must just be me.

Haddie has skills!

Someone else that is not complaining about all this fun at the park.
Jericho wanted to race Kitsune. He had to resort to cheating, only going half the distance before turning back, to even come in a distant second Hahaha.
She is gaining on you dude!!

Best buddies.

My little man has had a bit of a growth spurt, still a bean pole...but now a bean pole that can wear size 5T!
Lily working at the "Slushy Dog"....may I take your order?

Xan is just going to work at being cute...and silly.

This kid is just too handsome...look out ladies! Good thing he also has a heart of gold to go with those baby blues.

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