Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life full of laughs.*

I love the laughter in my home, it makes every single hard day or rough patch seem so minor.

I was asked by Hayden if I knew the bad "F word". She said she knows the bad S and U words...but that she doesn't say them. I of course asked her what they were, through a hand over her mouth she said "stupid and ugly". Whew. Also glad that she totally forgot what she was asking about in the first place LOL.

 Yesterday funny... Oh my goodness Lily Bug. You crack us we haven't choked and died at dinner time I don't know. Last night at dinner was no exception. This is what I got when I asked Lily to try her baked potato, a list of her, um, short comings. My Bug is not a any form, fan, but we keep trying.

In case you had trouble hearing her, she said...
"I don't like baked potatoes, my feet get sweaty in blankets and sometimes I fart in the tub. Happy?" LMAO!!!

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