Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catch up...

I forgot to share a couple pics from the other day. The triplets came running out of their rooms in these pretty much too small t-shirts. Xander and Hayden had each others on at first, so I had to have them switch shirts. They think these are too cool. Hard to believe they first wore them on a March for babies walk 3 years ago.
First time wearing the shirts...they were such babies.
Jericho picked a flower for me. Such a sweetie...when he is not being a pesticle.
I made the kids a yummy concoction for lunch today...they don't really have a name, but Stuffed French toast roll-ups would work.
Make your french toast dip...egg, milk, vanilla extract.
Prepare the bread...cut of the crusts then use a rolling pin to roll it flat.
Make your stuffing...I spread a little peanut butter on banana slices.
Have a bowl of sugar and cinnamon ready.

After rolling the bread flat I dunked it in the egg mixture, then swished it in the bowl of cinnamon and sugar. Then I placed the banana in and rolled it up. Baked them at 350 until the bread didn't feel soggy anymore, 15 minutes or so. On some I spooned a little melted butter and sprinkled more cinnamon on others I squeezed a little honey on top. The kids approved.

Kids just love to over share. I have heard the kiddos told their teacher how I started drinking coffee so I would get off the couch...nice right. My kids are not the only ones, over the school year we have heard about so and so's mom stealing their dads money and taking off, we have heard about parents in jail and all kinds of other fun tidbits. Well tomorrow our kids will have a new fun story to share...the one about their dad getting pulled over for speeding and getting a ticket. Enjoy kindergarten class LOL.

Same day as the ticket someone rear ends us. Bonus to driving a tank, your car pretty much always wins. Can't say the same about the teen girls car...stop texting and driving!!!! Lucky for her she did no damage to my car...not so lucky for her is going to be explaining the damage to her car to her parents.

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