Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I dropped the kiddos off at school this morning, then Kitsune and I spent some time loitering at the park by ourselves. We decided today would be our last day showing the house, we were standing at 4 offers and had 7 showings scheduled for today. I left a note telling the people looking that we needed their best and final offers in by 5:30 tonight and we would be making our choice at 6pm. I was so glad the end was in sight, today was only day 6 on the market but I am so DONE. In the end we had one more big offer, which we accepted, for $11K over asking! Now everyone cross your fingers that it all goes well and we make it to closing without any hiccups.

Kitsune working on her "wait" command. Not perfect, but she is getting better at it.

I told her to wait, then placed her most prized possession...her ball, up the bridge.
Then I released her and told her to go get it.
She had a lot of fun today.
Went to pick up the kiddos...then headed back to the park again.
Still trying to catch a tadpole...still failing to do so LOL.

Lily Bug is not a fan of frogs I guess...

Jericho's last day of Pre-K is almost here, he helped make his teachers a goodbye gift tonight.

They turned out cute!

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