Thursday, May 28, 2015

Can't jinx it!

Jason and I are super excited about finding our new home! I am too scared to jinx it to go into major detail, but we have had our offer on an amazing property accepted! As long as none of the house deals we have pending right now fall through, we will be moving onto our new homestead in July! As soon as I feel a little more secure that this is really for real going to happen I will share all the details, we haven't even told the kids yet, having my heart broken if things go south will be bad enough LOL. Fingers crossed for us pretty please!!

It was another beautiful day today, so even though I am so done with hanging out at parks...that is just what we did. We found a new one none of us had been to yet and decided to bring a picnic lunch along too.

For someone who hates helping or doing any type of work, she is always pretending to be in the service industry in one capacity or another. I think she is confused LOL. "May I take your order?"
Taking orders through a drive through.

My little Diva. was hard pulling them away from the fun play structures.
The park even had a drinking fountain just for dogs. I love the little things that get thought of, very cool.

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