Friday, May 29, 2015

The last day of pre-school and first water fight of the summer.

Today was Jericho's last day of pre-school, he was so proud to bring his teachers their gifts. It is looking like he won't get to go to pre-school one more year, there are not many options out by our possible new house. I am bummed about it, but thankful he got to have at least one awesome year here. My poor December kid is just going to have to have a little home pre-school until he can start kindy next year.

I did find out one piece of good school news, the trio's proposed school for "next year" (1st grade will start after summer break this August) only has one first grade no fighting to keep them together!!! The school is tiny, like 140 or so kids in the whole K-5 school, they only have two buses even LOL. They are rated pretty high, top 5% in all of Washington!

Thank you Little Warriors, Jericho really enjoyed his year with you!
When Jason and I were putting the flowers into the pots last night, I made this. Lily outgrew these rain boots...but they make a super cute flower pot. Thanks Pinterest.
Drill some holes in the bottom for drainage.
Super adorable!
After school on a Friday there is not much better than getting in a water fight with your Dad and siblings.

Good times!

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