Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Z is for Zombie.

The trio's homework this week was all about the letter 'Z'. They have to write the letter, then come up with 'Z' words and draw a picture of a 'Z' word. This was Hayden's....she told me her Dad said I love zombies. Nice babe...she did do a great job on the drawing though LOL.
I can't wait for The Walking Dead to return...hate that I love that show.
The one sucky thing about selling your house...having to clean your garage. Ugh.
I am all about getting rid of all the junk that 2 years ago was too important to toss, but has spent the last 2 years buried in this garage doing nothing. Jason got on the less is more wagon with me and even, finally, agreed to get rid of some of our old trophies. Oh the good old pre kids days of playing pool and drinking all night LOL. Had to take a picture of these before we tossed them.

Couldn't get him to give up these two yet...these were from the year our team made it to play at the nationals in Vegas. Good times!
Kitsune got a new toy...she has such a huge prey drive, toys are the way to her heart.
We have resumed our socialization trips out. For a bit there my wee protector decided every stranger within 10 feet of me was a threat and needed to be barked at. She is not a Golden or Lab and I knew when I got her she was not going to be a social butterfly...heck part of the reason I wanted a Dutch Shepherd was for protection, but I really wasn't happy about her going off on everyone. We have discovered that if we take her out with a toy to get her focus off people she does much better. I'm hoping we can get her to a place where she can ignore people unless the situation calls for more.
I love this.

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Wendy said...

omg the zombie picture! lol!!!