Thursday, May 7, 2015

Glass is half full kind of kids.

Total cookie failure today...twice LOL. First I end up with boob cookies, then when I try again...with a whole different recipe, I end up with a glob of cookie. 
To their credit my kids didn't care. Lily said "It's OK mom, they still smell delicious and I bet they will taste great". Then when I pulled out a bone cookie cutter, the first one I could find, to try and do something with my glob o cookie Jericho excitedly yelled "Scooby snacks!!!" 
My "glass is half full" kids for sure got this from their Dad...and I love it!

My cute baking assistants.
Boys...Xander decided to fall off his scooter the other day and land on his face, and Jericho caught the neighbor kids toy to the eye...ouch. Jericho had a black eye for a couple days, luckily he waited until after school pictures to get whacked in the eye. Xander's is taking forever to heal.

Don't ya hate it when one is bigger than the other LOL.

Scooby snacks!

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