Sunday, May 10, 2015

I love my littles!*

Happy Mother's Day to me...and all the Momma's out there!!
My kiddos, with lots of help from Dad, made me breakfast in bed. My fave French toast, bacon, sausage and some toppings YUM. They were so excited to bring it to me LOL.

Party in Mom's and Dad's room. We really need a bigger bed Hahaha.

The kiddos insisted on breakfast and gifts before shower or make-up...yikes. Jason couldn't stress enough that they picked everything out all on their own LOL. He knows better than to get me yellow "gold" or fake jewelry, I have trained him well.

My loves...they have such beautiful hearts, and smiles.

I loved everything.

The kiddos picked out some great cards.
The girls card.

The boys.

My hubby always finds the best it!

Hayden decided she would try on my sunglasses and some of the fabulous jewelry the kids got me.

Little Diva.

Bringing out her inner Drew Barrymore with that smirk.

After the fun morning was done...we got to work.
Isn't this how every Mom spends Mother's Day? We all actually had a lot of fun doing some yard work today, getting ready to put this house up for sale. Can't wait to move to a bigger house!
The kiddos were actually a really big help.

My Mother's Day of my faves, strawberry short cake!

My goodnight these monkey's!
How lucky am thankful for where I am, and who I am with XOXOX!

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Wendy said...

I like the statement pieces! That necklace would be awesome with a white t-shirt and shorts!