Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pulling out the sprinkler!

Today was another beautiful day, with rain on the forecast we took advantage of it and pulled out the sprinkler.

Kitsune had fun chasing after her toys through the water.

A few pics from the second party we went to yesterday. One of the triplets classmates was turning 6. They had a great time blasting each other with water.

We spent 5 hours at this party...the kiddos had a great time, and got totally soaked.

The family lives on a little homestead farm, they have chickens, ducks, pigs and this tom...he is so cool. He came out to spend a little time with the kids. We were sent home with our first ever duck eggs, used them this morning to make French may have been the best French toast ever! Guess I need to add ducks to my list for our little farm :)

And a couple turkey's too LOL.

Cake time!

Then right back to the water fun. The older kids did a great job on the slip n slide.

The younger kids have more to learn.

Or they just have a flair for the trick slide.

Down Jericho, that is how you crack your head.

Finished off the party with an ice cream truck. We have always told the kids that ice cream from a truck is yucky...cover was blown today. All we heard from Lily as she was eating her ice cream truck selection was "Mom, you and Dad were cream trucks don't have yucky ice cream!" Guess our next line of defense will have to be...if the music is playing, that means they are out of ice cream LOL.

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