Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Digging for thunder eggs.

Our 3 + hour drive to Bend last night was uneventful...except for a puking Kitsune during the last 30 minutes. Another major bonus to feeding your dog a raw diet, in addition to the healthier dog, cleaner teeth, almost nonexistent poops...is very little and totally non-smelly vomit. All the pro's are good, since it is a little more of a hassle and a bit more expensive to feed raw.
We got settled in and passed out around midnight...but were up bright and early to go digging for treasure.

A little funny from this morning....
While loading up the kids to hit the ranch. Jericho was of course not listening. When we all got in the car and spent 5 minutes telling him to get in Jason and I decide to start driving away without him. He started crying before we even got to the end of the driveway and the trio were yelling at us to not leave him. He got his little butt right in the car. Then Xander said "you guys almost left your son, do you want me to take you to Dr. Phil?" LMAO.

When we got to Richardson's Rock Ranch the kiddos we super excited to see peacocks and chickens roaming the grounds.

Once we got our equipment we drove out to a couple different digging sites. The place is HUGE, it takes almost 15 minutes just to drive from site to site.

Everyone got right into the swing of things.

It was a beautiful and hot day.

Jason and the kids did most of the hard work while I, um, documented ;)

Kitsune had a great time running all over.

Even did a little digging for thunder eggs herself LOL.

Driving from site to site we had a few close encounters with the bovine kind.

There were some pretty amazing views!

When the kiddos got a little bored with digging they had a blast exploring.

I could spend all day out here, but after a couple hours we had enough eggs....for now, we will be back.

We ended up with 10 lbs of eggs, we had a few cut open there but Jason is going to cut the rest open later.

I would say our hunt was a success, everyone passed out as soon as we got in the car LOL.

We got to have dinner and a too short visit with Auntie Stacie before we headed home. Never again will we make a trip to Bend with less than a two night stay...that drive back to back is a killer. What a great trip though!!

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