Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kitsune just may be a water dog!

My friend and I took the dogs up to watch the dog training club, we can't wait until Kitsune and Lycan are old enough to participate! On our way home we stopped to play in some water. This was Kitsune's first water experience, and she did great.

She wouldn't go in deep enough to swim, but she sure didn't hate the water.

Lycan wasn't into the water today, so Kitsune did all the fetching.

She had a blast!

She is such a good girl...if we could only get her to chill a little more around new people and strangers she would be THE perfect dog LOL. She is very much on the offense with people she doesn't know.

Little Man is learning so much at preschool. Tonight he was asking me how to spell words and he was writing 4! Batman, Robin, rat, Doctor Doom all made the list. Way to go buddy!

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