Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easier chicken care.

Now that the princess have been booted out to their coop and run full time, YAY I was so tired of cleaning their brooders, Jason made me an awesome DIY feeder and water system.

Big Home Depot bucket, hose, PVC pipe and drip nipples.

Works great, the girls caught on to the nipples right away, and now I don't have to fill water dishes every day...and the water stays totally clean!
Got another Home Depot bucket plus a big planter tray and bolted them to each other, cut 4 or 5 holes around the bottom edges. It doesn't quite hold a full 40 pound bag but it's close.

The girls have been dealing with their first few days over 70 degrees...they are pretty hot, hopefully they will adjust soon. Poor things panting like dogs.

I got to get away for a few hours tonight for my friends Bday. I had a great time, up until it was painfully obvious I am too old to be out drinking like I am still 25 LOL.

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