Thursday, April 23, 2015

Little diva do.

Auntie Stacie was featured in Lily's homework this week. The kiddos love their Auntie...they just wish they got to see her more often.

Hayden still hates having her hair brushed, I swear this child has the most sensitive scalp in the world. We talked her into a new short hair cut today. I think she is going to love it...I know I will LOL.

Just too cute, but does it have to make my almost 7 year old look like a teenager?

Rock it Haddie...little Diva.

I have seriously been slacking on my recipes, here is a new one we all dogs!

You need hot dogs, buns, cheese...shredded and string, and your desired toppings. The girls had to have white sauce, pineapple and Canadian bacon, the rest of us did red sauce, pepperoni and black olives. Just put a little sauce on the bun, slice the dogs open, cut the string cheese stick in half, place half inside the cut open dog and half next to it in the bun, then layer toppings and shredded cheese as you wish. Bake at 350 until the cheese is melted and the dogs are hot. Good stuff!

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