Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A boy and his goats.

Kitsune is hopefully going for her BH (the first level title in IPO) in April. We have a lot of obedience work to do between now and then.

We started on her long down...during the test for her BH there is a portion where she must remain in the down position, while I am about 30 paces away, and she has to stay there for a good 3 minutes or so. We are nowhere near 3 minutes, but we will build to it.

She doesn't seem to mind distractions LOL.

Daryl, Eugene, Michonne and Carol all decided they would make their way up to where everyone else is.

More pics from Jericho helping me with the goats yesterday. He is so silly.

Ham it up Jericho.

Lily funny from today...

Lily was doing a beginner level science experiment today. She put some water in a cup, and put the cup in the freezer. She is now eating the ice and says "Mmmm science is so refreshing". LOL

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