Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beauty is not everything.

I am so tired. Kitsune's first, and likely last LOL, weekend at the dog shows went well. She is a new UKC Champion, and came home with 3 Group 1 win's, and 2 Total Dog awards. She is made for working, this running around the ring looking pretty stuff bored her to death...and a bored Dutchie is a loud mouth annoying as hell Dutchie Hahaha. Hence why she will probably not show anymore. The Dutch Shepherd is such an amazing and versatile breed, they really can do it all, so I would like to title her in as many different areas as possible. Now that her conformation championship is marked off the list we will move on to something else...while still doing our IPO training of course. Official pictures coming soon. Here are a couple candids from our 3 day show weekend.

My copilot wanting to take over the drivers seat.

My friend Dina brought her Dutchie Lycan, and daughter too. Lycan also came home a Total Dog, Group 1 winner...and a new Champion. The mornings were early, and the days were long and freezing. I haven't been to a show in at least 8 years, since back when we were showing Gangster to his Grand...I forgot all about the sucky parts of dog shows LOL.

The big ribbons from the weekend. The blue ones are her Group 1 wins. Going Group 1 means she beat any other Dutchie there (Lycan was the only other one there) and then beat any other herding breed there, her only competition this weekend was a White German Shepherd. To get your UKC championship you need 3 majors with competition, from 3 different shows/judges and a total of at least 100 she is finished!
The red ribbons are her Total Dog awards. This is from weight pull, she got 2 qualifying legs for her United Weight Pull title...just one more to go. When you get a performance leg during the same show where you get a conformation win you earn a Total Dog. She would have had 3 and her weight pull title but on day one I tried to be the one to call her (so she would pull the cart) and she wouldn't pull for me, snot. The other two days Jason came to the show just to call her and she pulled no problem for him. She weighed in at 46 lbs and had to pull 8 times her body weight, the cart alone weighed 340 lbs, then they added 2 cinder blocks on top of that to get her to pull a total of 360 some pounds...which sounds like a lot but it is not, that is like the starting weight, the big pullers (Pitties and Saint Bernards were pulling fully loaded down is amazing to watch).

We had fun, but beauty contests are not her thing at all LOL. I haven't decided if we will try herding next or rally....stay tuned!

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