Thursday, November 5, 2015

School pictures!

The triplets school pictures arrived today, don't mind the picture of a scanner/printer didn't survive the move unfortunately. They are such big kids,

Our neighbor was nice enough to mow our front pasture for us. Jason has machine envy...this little thing can do pretty much anything. It took her 3 1/2 hours to mow all that. Funny enough I swear it looks bigger now that it is mowed.

We got our first taste of a big hay load tonight. What is worse than loading up your barn with a ton and a half of hay, by hand, in the rain and dark? When your truck and trailer get stuck trying to get out.
Rules for next year:

#1 Buy hay earlier in the year.
#2 Move hay in the day time, when it is not raining.

Good times. Farm Life Follies.

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