Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bad wheels, and bad news.

We had the farrier out to check on Ava's hooves today. Her previous owner told us she had regular trims, but the vet and now the farrier say that doesn't seem to be very accurate. She should be fine after a couple trims, doesn't appear to be any lasting damage done. She stood pretty good for him, he had to get after my pushy girl once or twice, but then she learned he wasn't going to play her games. She needs constant reminding that she is not boss. He will be back in 6 weeks, hope Ava has improved by then.

She enjoyed spending the afternoon in the pasture.

Haddie and her Dad got some farm chores done today.

Someone was having too much fun with the pressure washer LOL.
Sad news, late tonight we lost our newest rooster to a predator attack. Looks like it was likely a coyote. He spent too much time with the turkeys, and we can't keep them in the safe fenced in chicken pen so when they escape he follows. They got away but the poor roo didn't. The turkeys actually took off across the road and didn't come back. Hopefully they calm down and come home soon.

Daryl was just starting to act like a big boy too.

When you spend a few hours outside doing farm chores, Jericho finds ways to entertain himself.

Jason got a new work beater, his truck gets better gas millage than my Excursion...but still not great enough to be driving 100 miles round trip per day to work and back. So this little hot mess is his new best friend. All I could say was it better run a long time, and I'm not driving that thing LOL.

Jericho and Kitsune took a drive in it, they lived HAHAHA.

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