Monday, November 2, 2015 style.

It has been a while since I entered one of the I Heart Faces photo contests...been a little busy I guess LOL. This month the subject is could I pass it up. It is just hard to pick one to enter.

With the triplets gone at school all day me and Mr. Jericho get to play with the critters, and get a lot of the farm chores done by ourselves. This young man is going to be 5 at the end of the year, and yeah he doesn't always wear matching shoes...or any for that matter LOL, but he sure does enjoy helping take care of the animals. They love him too...Kitsune was so jealous that Yahtzee and Taboo were getting his attention she barked and ran the fence back and forth nonstop until we came out.

The girls enjoyed getting some grain treats from him today. So cute! He managed to hang on to the turkey feather he found...even though the goats thought it would be a tasty snack.

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Julie Rivera Photography said...

He seems so happy out there with the goats! I love their names, too.