Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The bad bunnies have landed.

OK the final critters to join our little farm, to my husbands delight (for this year anyway LOL), are here. Our trio of pedigreed standard Rex bunnies.
The kids are still doing the super hero theme...but this time they picked more bad super hero's. Mostly because Xander insisted his bunny be named Dr. Colosso...and he really hopes to hear him say "I'm a bad bunny" one day....any fans of The Thundermans will get it :)

Xan and Jericho saying hi to Dr. Colosso.

He is a broken black...but mom's side is all black otter, dad is a chocolate with black otter grandparents.

Rex are known for being really sweet, they make good pets...their fur is amazing and they are decent for meat too. I chose this breed to be a triple threat, like our Silver Fox, meat and fur.

This little girl is a blue...her pedigree is full of lots of different colors. Her name is Dark Sparkle...a Barbie super hero for those that aren't up on their Barbie movies LOL.

Finally, this is Phoenix, she is a black is 50%, on both sides, of her 3 gen pedigree. Otters have the tan or cream under belly, under paws, under neck, eye circles and inside their ears.

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