Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cray Cray Kitsune. *

Kitsune's official show photos are here!! UKC Champion Total Dog Kitsune de las Flores.

The photog did great, Kitsune wasn't the most cooperative subject and she managed to get great photos anyway. We are so happy with this dog, and I am so glad I found her wonderful breeder, he breeds such quality dogs. She is a total pain in the ass...but we adore her!
The weight pull harness that we borrowed. She has always looked cute in purple. There is a pull going on this coming Saturday, she only has to do it one more time for her UWP title...fingers crossed!

Buy your dog a new bed...she refuses to sleep on it, but she loves to play with it and drag the kids around. Please don't mind the mess, Jason and I were outside all day trying to get the pigs pen electrified, the kids busied themselves making messes.

Hayden has been watching a little American Ninja Warrior with her Dad LOL.

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