Sunday, December 27, 2015

We are too old for this LOL.

We played in the snow today, for a third day in a row. The adults are cooked...and I am over the snow now. Ready for summer. Today was a fun send off though. Feel free to go now snow LOL.

We got a little fresh snow, a lot least a foot. It was good though, yesterday was so icy and fast the new snow actually slowed the sledding down a bit.

Looks so peaceful out there.

The waiting until go hard. was pretty cold out there.

Xan, Barry and Mal started it off.

Someone forgot his new gloves.

More kiddies joined in.

It never stopped snowing, the kids...and Dads, were total troopers. The Moms chilled in the "lodge" most of the time LOL.


Go girls!

Lily and Xan got new boots, and everyone got new gloves...they have a lot more fun with the proper gear.

Little cutie!

Kitsune is an energizer bunny...never gets tired.

Catching snow flakes.

Wowzers...Haddie the snow bunny.

What a beauty. I love it when I capture the perfect shot!

Mallory broke her leg a while back, gets her cast off tomorrow...but today she needed to be carried up and down the hill. Barry did it most of the day, Jason gave him a breather a few times LOL.

Then the quads and tubes got pulled out...who gets broken first?

The trio patiently waiting for their turn.

The Moms were the first test subjects.

We survived...the Dads were the next test subjects, of course one tube got popped and Jason almost died. Not surprised Hahaha.

Once the guys had a decent track made out in the back acres they drove the kids over.

The rides begin...Lily and Hayden were saying "we're going to die" and also "If we die I want you to know I always loved you", drama queens.

Ready to rock.

So much fun!

Yeah right have a couple years to go.

Such pretty scenery.

We had a blast today...but the adults sore bodies tell us we are too old, or out of shape, to do this three days in a row. I need a break LOL. Good times with good friends though!

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