Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hospital stays, suck for all.

Jason got hurt at work on Monday, since then he hasn't been feeling right, Tuesday (yesterday) he couldn't take it anymore and had me drive him to the ER. They admitted him and started tests and meds. He stayed the night, and will be staying tonight too, so the kids and I went to visit him.
The gowns and gloves made the visit less scary and more fun for them.

My little Doctors in training.

They wrote I Love My Dad all over his board.

Fun visit with Dad. Hayden cried herself to sleep tonight, Miss Daddy's Girl was just too upset that she couldn't have a kiss goodnight. Thankfully he is going to be OK, and is already feeling better. Hope he gets to come home tomorrow.

We have so many wonderful friends that offered to help me out with anything while Jason was in the hospital. Nick and Lisa were kind enough to bring out some dry wood for me. Our wood has got a bit wet, we are expecting sun for the next few days so hopefully it will dry out.

Xan was a big help unloading. Thanks guys, it is very much appreciated.
No time for down time, NYE is tomorrow...Jericho's birthday, finishing up party rest around here.

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