Thursday, December 24, 2015

'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Ah one of the best days of the year. We always have a wonderful time getting together with family, eating yummy food, having lots of laughs and of course the gifts. When we arrived we learned that there was a head stand-off going on. Everyone had a fun time showing off their abilities...some had a lot more ability than others LOL.

Auntie Stacie...came up with the grand idea, and probably the most talented in this particular field.

Silly Cousins.

I did one...though you can't see the help I needed off to the side.



The kids all gave it a try...after some encouraging.

Jason can rock the head stand.

Lily was resistant...but was happy to help others.


Head stands going on all night.

Uncle Scott showed up with mistletoe...Lily Bug had fun with that.

Finally Lily...nice job.

Good thing she did it before her 86 year old Great Grandpa showed her up.

Uncle Chris is wondering how the heck he ended up at the minions table LOL.

A little after dinner concert.

The kiddos got to accompany.

The moment they have been waiting for....

Family pic time.

They had a blast...and more than one told me the best part of Christmas was being with family!

Getting cookies made for Santa.

So tired...and tomorrow will no doubt start very early.

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