Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mean Momma.

Sucky mom award goes to me today. It snowed and I made my kids go to school, the neighbors down the street let their kids stay home...and go sledding in our front pasture. Then on top of that, the bus decided they couldn't bring the kids back home so I had to go pick them up. Next time I think I will just call it a snow day.

Kitsune was not too sure about these people in our yard, she ran down barking...thankfully she had her electric collar on so she came back when I beeped it. They aren't even neighbors we know, when they left they walked across the street. I didn't know people would decide to go sledding on strangers property. Hope they enjoyed themselves, when Ava comes home there will be no more sledding by strangers.
Kitsune loved the snow...ran around in it like a crazy dog.
But she kept a watchful eye on the intruders.
Eat snow break.

This pic came out kinda cool. It was pretty snowy, it may stick around for a white Christmas!
No Jericho, you are not going out like that.

My youngest listens like a deaf 90 year old gerbil. This was cute though...he built a little snow man, and of course Kitsune knocked it down.
Brr time to get inside.

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