Thursday, December 31, 2015

Quiet New Years Eve in the country.

My baby woke me up this morning by flying in my room yelling "I'm FIVE!!!" He jumped in bed, quickly followed by his sisters, and we sang at least 3 rounds of Happy Birthday To You and had tickle wars. It was a chill morning, followed by a chill day and concluded with a chill night.

We got to go pick up Dad from the hospital late today, thankfully he is feel better...though more tests are needed.

My big 5 year old.
There were no fireworks leading up to tonight, and none woke anyone up tonight either...we were all in bed by 10:30 LOL. Pretty quiet when you live out in the country...and everything is still snow covered. The kiddos put on their own NYE party, which included games (musical chairs), snacks, and lots of dancing. They have been practicing their dances for the last couple of days...they did pretty good, though dips were awkward Hahaha.

2015 was overall a great year for us, Lots of big, and exciting, changes. A whole new world and way of life as we make our homestead home. The kids have all grown and learned, they are such wonderful little people. My hubby and I are finding more time to be a couple again, now that our "babies" are getting to more self sufficient stages. Thank you 2015, may 2016 continue on the same path.

Happy New Year to all...may 2016 also be kind and generous to you as well.

Keep on smiling!

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