Saturday, January 2, 2016

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Why Sponge Bob of course! First obstacle of 2016 down, and it was a success. Jericho had a blast at his 5th Birthday party.

He helped me with the finishing touches for his Crabby Patty cupcakes this morning.

Another Pinterest win...and super simple too.
Box mix cupcakes. Cut in half to look like buns.
Box mix brownies cut out to look like beef pattys.
White frosting with food coloring in red, yellow and green squirted on.
Crabby Pattys!
Welcome to Bikini Bottom!
I didn't go crazy this year, made the cupcakes, Patrick Star cookies and the cake...other than that we bought the goodie bags and just a few decorations. Jericho's parties are always a nice break from the crazy amount of work that the triplets parties are. It is really nice to have 1 outdoor and 1 indoor party.
Jericho wanted a strawberry cake, then we have chocolate frosting and a little brown sugar sand.
The sugar cookies turned out this recipe when we need cookie cutter, hold their shape, cookies. Easy and no dough refrigeration needed.
The Crabby Pattys were a huge hit.

One of the biggest surprises of the day wasn't even for the Birthday Boy. Lily's BFF from Kindy made the hour and a half trip up from Independence Oregon with her family so the girls could spend some time together. Just look at that happy :)
The kiddos had a blast playing, and burned up a lot of energy.

Time for a little snack break.

Lily and Kalaya were inseparable the whole 4 hours.
We didn't know we picked the same day as an Oregon Ducks game, oops LOL.

Jericho had such a great day...I appreciate everyone that came and made it so special for him!

Pizza time!

Jericho's BFF from preschool, Zane, drove up for his party. The boys were hot sweaty messes from playing hard.

Miss Kianna, Jericho's first girlfriend...from way back when they were 8 months old and kissing on each other LOL.

Another special guest.

Cake time!

Loving the singing.

Make a wish little Man.

Back to playing!


Almost time to say goodbye...not looking forward to the tears :(

Zane and Jericho had a blast today.

Jericho LOVED everything, thanks you guys.

He is already talking about his 6th Birthday party...oh boy.

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