Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Fireballs!

Today was Xan and Haddie's first basketball game day...after just two practice days. It was pretty painful to watch LOL, they have soooo much to learn and improve on. They had a good time for the most part, which is what is most important....right?

A little shoot around time before game 1 starts.
The coaches did a great job, they kept it fun, low pressure and did their best to instruct the kids on the rules of the game.

Lily and Jericho entertained themselves, thank goodness for Kindles and the 3DS.
That "my guy just died again" face LOL.

Keep trying.

Game one was pretty evenly matched, both teams seemed pretty new and the score (even though an official score wasn't kept...which I think is dumb) stayed close.

Lily made a sign that she held up during the game..."Go Fireballs!!!" LOL.

Hayden has some real raw talent, she tries really hard and wants to be the best. Xan, well, he has lots of work to do Hahaha.

End of game 1...we lost but tried hard.

Our jerseys arrived in time for game two. Looking good dude.

Still playing his game.

This team was a good 2 years ahead, and were way better...honestly it was a slaughter and they had no business playing kids so new...but our team did their best and handled defeat as well as can be expected.

2 of our kids didn't make it today, so these 4 got lots of game time today.

Hopefully we are better come next weeks game...even if just a little. I'm not sure I can handle another game day like today, I'm too competitive to watch such newbies LOL.

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