Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ugh the sickies hit early this year.

Hayden brought home the cooties and shared unselfishly. Yesterday Lily and Jericho had the worst of it, and today is Xander's turn. Thankfully it seems to be a 12 hour stomach bug, and by 24 hours the kids have been good as new. VERY thankful that all of them almost always make it to the bathroom...almost always LOL. Not looking forward to my turn...ugh.

Nothing makes a sick boy feel better like his doggy. She can be so sweet sometimes.

There is no better napping buddy than O.J. Awwww...this kid never naps, it is so cute and quiet when he does.

We brought the buns in for a little play time today, they are getting big too. The 3 Silver Foxes are 6 months and 10 lbs already. Probably get a litter of babies out of Kitty and Fire Star in March.
Miss Kitty is turning out quite lovely in the show sense.

Batman is still a sweetie.

Fire Star looks so wide from above LOL.

The Rex girls are still on the smaller side...probably 6 or so lbs, but they are only 4 1/2 for Phoenix here, and 3 1/2 months old for the still another 3-4 months before we try for babies.

Per the show Rex people Dark Sparkle here has a nice shape to her. Her fur is my favorite out of the 3, oh my goodness the feel of it is amazing, I can't wait to try and make stuff with the pelts of her babies. I know, I know it sounds icky and mean and I never would kill something just for its fur, but since the buns will be for meat as well I think it is important to use all of the animal and not let anything be wasted.

Dr. Colosso is a big boy, 6 mo and right around 10 lbs. The fun this with these guys is the many different colors and patterns we can get, it really will be like a box of chocolates ;) Can't wait for this spring and times.

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