Saturday, January 23, 2016

Training is starting to pay off!*

Ava has had a great week at training this week. Today she proved to me she has serious potential and is worth all this effort as she happily gave 4 kids a ride. The people that have been helping me with her asked if they could let their 6 year old ride Ava (I think they wanted to up my confidence that Ava is really a good horse down deep and that if they trust her I can too) I said yes. Their 6 year old has been riding since she was 3, won her first prize halter at gaming when she was she is pretty good with a horse. Of course once my kids saw Chloe ride they wanted a turn too. It was just walking around the small indoor arena, but boy did Ava impress me today. I rode too, and it went very well. Man an English saddle is so much more work to ride in, my legs are killing me again LOL. Ava has one more week of training before she comes home, I am feeling a lot better about her coming home after today.

Ava has had one of her scars bust back open again, we are not sure if this is a new infection or if the year + old injury was still festering under the scar, hopefully we can get her healed up for good soon. Thankfully she is a pretty good patient.

Prince Charming is turning into such a handsome fellow. He was also a wonderful photography subject today.

Free ranging about today.

Strike a pose Charming.

Hanging with his ladies. I think 3 or maybe 4 of the girls are back laying has been almost since we moved to the farm, about dang time girls.

Family movie night tonight..."root beard" floats and The Good Dinosaur! Oh lovely magic Amazon TV box, so glad to have you back. I was sure, and scared, it wasn't going to work out here...we got lucky to get high speed internet service at all and I just figured it was going to be good enough to stream TV and movies. Well we decided to give it a try and by gosh it works!!!

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