Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bowling buddies.

Jericho's best friend from Pre-K had his birthday party today, to the kids delight it was at a bowling alley/arcade, I don't think parties get much better. This was my kiddos second time bowling, they actually did OK...thanks at times to the bumpers LOL.

Right out of the gate Jericho knocked down 9, then picked up the 1 pin spare...the kid bowls better than I do LOL.

The trio tried off and on to not use the ramp, the girls actually did pretty good too.

Sometimes some extra finger crossing was needed Hahaha!

The hardest part was waiting for other kids to hurry up and take their turn.

Jericho was so happy to see Zane again.

Then we killed a little time in the arcade.

This was a group effort, Jericho steered while Dad handled the gas pedal.

Rigged, rigged I tell you LOL.

Hayden is pretty good at air hockey, she held her own until the time ran out on their game.

Finished the afternoon off with some hoops. Happy Birthday Zane!

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