Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A busy couple of days.

We have had a busy week. Miss Hayden was awarded student Of The Month today! Way to go Hayden! 3 down...1 to go. I felt bad for poor Lily, she was sitting with her fingers crossed in hopes that her name was going to get called. I hope she gets her turn soon.

 Super job are a teachers dream I'm sure!

Yesterday, not quite as good of a day. Dentist visit for the trio. Poor Xander and his super close together teeth. Here Doc, make your car payment. He had to have 2 "baby root canals" done today, and still needs 1 more. Thankfully it is all baby teeth, hopefully we can keep this from his adult teeth.
At least Xan is a rock star impressive today, not a single tear or wiggle.

Now for a Xan funny.... Life can be tough when you are a Dutchie. Kitsune got yelled at by an 8 year old to "have some self control"...then she got stuck inside on a time out. Apparently this dog can't control herself around bubble machines, she dumped it over and spilled all the soap in her haste for bubbles to chase LOL.

Beautiful sunset on the farm tonight.

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