Sunday, October 30, 2016

Giddy up Auntie!

It is always so much fun when Auntie Stacie comes out for a visit!
We had a fun 2 days, the kids showed her all around the farm, hunted for mushrooms, played with the critters, took Scooter out for a couple rides, and they reunited the family band for music and song writing.
Good times!

Getting the important lesson of "Don't touch, don't eat any mushrooms". We located at least 1 edible kind, 1 ummm recreational kind, and many poisonous kinds. Wish I knew more about mushrooms...I just stay away from all of them.
The pigs are happy campers, Jason gave them more room in their pen.
Sadly our new piggie Raven passed away...we think she may have gotten injured accidentally. The others are all doing really well.
More mushroom findings....and some cool bugs.

Scooter had a fun visit too...even if he was a little stubborn about it.

A sunset ride.

The kiddos took turns.

Thanks for the fun Auntie...we love you!

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