Monday, October 31, 2016

Teen Titans GO!

OK keeping this one as short as possible LOL. Happy Halloween all! This is one of our fave Holiday's....another year rocking a family costume theme. Teen Titans. Our friends annual costume party was a great as every year. We so look forward to this party. This year I won for best adult costume and we also won for best spooky dish...whoop whoop!! Late last night putting together our jello devil pumpkin baby. Jason cleared out the pumpkin.
I peeled 2 apples and put the baby together with toothpicks. Used black jelly beans for eyes and black licorice for the horns.
More licorice for the umbilical cord.
If I ever have need to make this again I my spray the apple with lemon juice and prop it up out of the was hard to see, even though we used 1 strawberry to 17 plain gelatin packets.
My costume turned out pretty good. Rose Wilson...AKA Ravager, the snarky bad girl on Teen Titans.

The kids had class parties today during the last couple of hours of school. Robin and Beast Boy.
Starfire...before she got her pink on.

Pink. I managed to not get any on my wig!

My little Titans! So cute!

Teen Titans GO...trick or treat.
Selfies from the party.

Rose and Raven.

Lily's fave...Raven.

Musical chairs...always fun.

We had a dry hour and a half of trick or treating!

I will answer the question for you...

-Yes, despite being statue still, the dude in the chair was real.
-Yes, he waited forever...until I got very close saying he isn't real to come to life and scare me.
-Yes, I screamed.
-No, the zombie on the ground wasn't there when I walked up...he crawled behind me from under the truck...I didn't even see him.

Our prizes...such fun stuff!

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