Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bunnies and pumpkins.

Born during a yucky storm...means you get a little extra attention. No, Kitsune is not trusted without supervision LOL. Miss Yzma is doing a good job being a first time mom...hope we got lots of nice babies out of her and Dr. Doom.

Since bunny moms only feed their babies once a day, late at night or first thing in the morning, I am bringing the little wigglers inside during the day. Just trying to give them a little edge for the first week, it is so yucky and wet out makes me feel better having them inside.
This little one decided to go for a swim in a food dish that had puddled during the storm. So he got a bath and spent the afternoon inside to get fully dry before heading back out. Plenty of bunny babysitters lined up to take care of him.

We got the other 3 storybook pumpkins done. Jericho has Lego Batman books, so of course he wanted to do a Batman pumpkin.

Turned out pretty good....Jericho loves his Batman pumpkin.
Xander really loves the 'Fly Guy' he wanted a Fly Guy pumpkin.

Arm holes...Xan had fun helping make this fly, he came up with the wing fabric on his own.
Turned out cute!
Hayden of course picked a Hello Kitty book. We spray painted the pumpkin white...the girls did remind me at least half a dozen times that we should have just bought a Cinderella pumpkin. Like duh, didn't even think about it.

All 4 done. Now to get them to the kids school without them falling apart.

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