Saturday, October 22, 2016

Zombie hunt.

Jason and I dropped the kids off at Grandma's last night so we could have a day alone today. Date day with the hubby. Starts with a snickers mocha and a breakfast burrito bigger than my arm....that I didn't finish.
Next stop... Seattle to hunt zombies with paintball the dark in a haunted corn maze with real undead zombie actors. Who planned this day?!

We spent a little time at Pike Place Market in Seattle before the hunt. I bought a new hair grow out is at an obnoxious stage LOL. The only down side to short hair cuts.

We lucked out with a gorgeous day.

So nice to get a day alone with my hubby. Doesn't happen near enough.

OK maybe I went a little selfie crazy.

Neat pic.

Some pre zombie courage.

And a little more.

The hunt is obviously very popular, the farm where it took place was pretty packed.

The hunt was from a vehicle, which actually made it a lot less scary...despite the creatures that we were hunting.

We took a break between hunts...nice fire, and another round LOL.

Last hunt of the night....then we had the long drive back home. What a fun date.

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