Saturday, October 1, 2016

A hot young stud for my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! The kids love celebrating birthday's and having parties...for anyone. They have been going on and on about mine for weeks. They could not help themselves this morning so I got an early wake up call. I received a run down of gifts, cards, dinner plans and of course cake plans. I was also treated to a stripper for my party...too bad it was my 5 year old son LOL. They sure help make getting old a bit more fun. Each kiddo got me a card, all awesome...this one was from Xan, it instructed me to blow out my candles any way I want. The kiddos already want to reenact this with Kitsune LMAO!!

My big gift this year. A hot young stud!! LOL
Meet Camanna HS Moonlight Moonshine...AKA Hooch. He is going to help us have some amazing babies here on the farm, I can't wait!
He is so handsome and a beautiful specimen of the breed. He comes from really nice show and milk quality lines...his momma is a highly sought after doe with amazing scores.
The two littles are not very happy with us right now. They are 8 months old and Yahtzee was still letting them you can tell by how chunky they are LOL. I don't want them bred for a couple more months, and the plan is to take them to a friends to use a couple different bucks this year. So they got the boot to the pen with the piglets. They complain, LOUDLY, all day long Hahaha.

Intros went fine...Taboo was being a little stand offish but Yahtzee was more interested.

Yahtzee checking him out.
I love his hair and beard...bucks are so cool looking, even if they stink to high heaven when in rut. Who pees all over themselves, especially their face, on purpose and thinks it will get them dates with the ladies?!?! Gross LOL.

So handsome!

Poor Heidi and sad.

My cake...the candles were a big secret, that the kids got a huge kick out of...they kept relighting after I blew them out LOL. I love my life!

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